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Seminar talks on Wireless Sensor Networks will be held from 11/07 - 14/07 starting at 10am each.
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Students' works

Seminar works:

  • Embedded System Skopje
  • Seminar works Real Time Systems
  • Seminar works Data Acquisation Systems
  • Seminar works Data Conversion
  • Seminar works Microcontrollers
  • Seminar works Automotive Electronic
  • M. Ilic, Reader of Hello Cards, 2010 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • M. Panic, D. Nikolic, Programming of Keyboard Using AT89S8253 Microcontroller, 2010 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • I. Stojanovic, M. Lazic, Writing Text Messages on LED display, 2010 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • R. Aleksic, M. Radovanovic, 32-bit Barrel Shifter, 2010 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc)
  • D. Barac, Real-Time Operating Systems for Small Embedded Systems, 2010 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • U. Jovanovic, M. Stojanovic, Digital Voltmeter based on AT89S8253 Microcontroller, 2010 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • I. Stojanovic, N. Radulovic, M. Lazic, DMA Controller, 2010 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • Z. Bankovic, M. Eric, M. Radosavljevic, M. Savic, N. Savic, FIR Filter, 2010 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • Z. Bankovic, SerDes, 2010 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • M. Srbulovic, M. Nikolic, Data Transfer and Coding using VHDL code, 2009 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • G. Nikolic, Projektovanje DSP-a na FPGA platformama korišcenjem System Generator projektnog alata, 2009 (in Serbian), (pdf)
  • D. Stevanovic, M. Stojanovic, Variations During Voltage Measurement Using AT89S8253 Microcontroller , 2009 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt),
  • N. Savkovic, V. Stoiljkovic, Morse Telegraph, 2009 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt),
  • M. Radenkovic, A. Stevanovic, Push Button Debounce Time Measurement Using AT89S8253 Microcontroller, 2009 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt),
  • I. Nikolic, MicroBlaze Processor, 2009 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt),
  • V. Balovic, Nios II Processor and Development Kit, 2009 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt),
  • D. Radosavljevic, M. Markovic, Stepper Motor Control Using PIC16F877 Microcontroller, 2009 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt),
  • A. Jovanovic, FIR filter implementation in VHDL , 2009 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • Z. Jovanovic, KEIL uVISION, 2009 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt), (ppt)
  • A. Andrejic, M. Randjelovic, Communication of PIC18F4550 Microcontroller and Computer by Serial and USB port, 2009 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • M. Miljkovic, J. Jovanovic, Token Ring Network Realized by AT89S8253 Microcontroller, 2009 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • Z. Curic, USB Communication with PIC18F4550 Microcontroller, 2009 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • B. Milosevic, D. Tasic, Implementation of PWM and PAM Using PIC16F877 Microcontroller, 2009 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • V. Savic, P. Mitic, Pseudo-Random Binary Sequences, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • V. Stefanovic, M. Jovanovic, Ports and buses, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • R. Prokopovic, Simulation of PIC controllers using IDE software, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • M. Bozic, A. Atanasovski, RS232 Terminal, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • J. Gligorijevic, S. Jovanovic, M. Jovanovic, A. Ristovic, MSP430 Develepment Tool - Laboratory Exercises, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc)
  • A. Ristovic, MSP430 Develepment Tool - Common Object File Format and Linker Description, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • M. Jovanovic, MSP430 Develepment Tools, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • S. Jovanovic, MSP430 Set Instruction, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • J. Gligorijevic, MSP430 Devices Architecture, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • M. Nedeljkovic, Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence Generator, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • N. Milicic, D. Brankovic, Implementation of PWM and PAM Using PIC16F877 Microcontroller, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • M. Radovanovic, Signal Generator Based on Microcontroller AT89S8253, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc)
  • R. Aleksic, Automatic School Bell, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc)
  • M. Gikic, Application of Timers, Counters and Shift Registers in PLCs, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • S. Stojkovic, Simulation of Finite State Machine Using Microprocessor 8086, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • I. Mitic, Programmable Gain Amplifier, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • I. Trucic, D. Prvulovic, Programming and Reading of Serial EEPROM Using PIC16F877 Microcontroller, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • B. Stojic, M. Stojiljkovic, AD Converter based on Integrated Circuit ADC0804 and PIC16F877 Microcontroller, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • S. Tomic, S. Marinkovic, Master-slave communication realized by RS485 Interface, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • P. Stojanovic, Code Converter realized by PIC16F877-04 Microcontroller, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • B. Vojicic, Control of D/A Converter Using Microcontroller, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc)
  • D. Mihajlovic, P. Paunovic, Programming and Reading of Flash Memory Am29F010 Using PIC16F877 Microcontroller, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • S. Stoilkovic, M. Pavlovic, S. Popovic, Coupling of PIC16F877 Microcontroller with Parallel Peripheral Interface D71055C and D/A Converter DAC0832LCV, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • A. Gosic, A. Lakicevic, Six-bit Up-Down Counter and Finite State Machine Realized by PIC16F877 Microcontroller, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • D. Djordjevic, Z. Djordjevic, Communication of PIC16F877-20 Microcontroller using SPI module, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • N. Stojanovic, Z. Stojanovic, Simple Logic Analyzer, 2008 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc1), (doc2), (ppt)
  • M. Mladenovic, A. Petrovic, I. Stojanovic, Simulation of PLC Controller by PIC16F877 Microcontroller, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • I. Stevanovic, Memories of Microcomputer systems, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • A. Gosic, A. Lakicevic, Simulation of PLC Controller by PIC16F877 Microcontroller, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • V. Stankovic, D/A Converter Control, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • E. Bisevac, M. Stefanovic, Realization Stearcase Light Controller based on Microcontroller AT89S8253, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • S. Stajic, N. Stankovic, Waveform Generator based on Microcontroller AT89S8253, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • M. Milosevic, M. Nikolic, LRC and VRC encoder/decoder, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • N. Ivkovic, D. Manojlovic, B. Stojiljkovic, B. Zdravkovic, IRQSim, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt), (exe)
  • V. Kovačević, Projektovanje embedded sistema u razvojnom okruženju Xilinx Embedded Development Kit 9. (in Serbian), (pdf)
  • N. Sladojevic, Graphical LCD Based on Microcontroller AT89S8253, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • D. Lazic, I. Novakovic, Serial Communicaton of Computer and Microcontroller PIC16F877A USART modul, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • B. Antonijevic, D. Zupanjac, Industrial Token Ring Network, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • N. Pavlovic, Realization of Traffic Lights Based on Microcontroller AT89S8253, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • D. Zivkovic, Data Transmission and Error Correction Using Hamming code, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • N. Ristic, Microcontroller AT89S8253 and Interface 8255, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • M. Boskovic, A. Petrovic, Arbitrary Waveform Generator based on Microcontroller AT89S8253, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • N. Sekulovic, L. Velimirovic, VHDL description of SAYEH Processor, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • R. Petrovic, Microcontroller AT89S8253 with Intel 82c54 timer, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • M. Petkovic, R. Rakic, Realization Microcontroller AT89S8253 based traffic lights, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • S. Djordjevic, Interrupt Processing at Microcontroller AT89S8253, 2007 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • A. Mladenovic, D. Dejkovic, B. Pavlovic, M. Milenkovic, ARM7 Processor, 2006 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • B. Dimitrijevic, S. Aleksic, I. Antic, PIC16F877A Development Kit , 2006 (in Serbian), (pdf), (ppt)
  • I. Jocic, Simple 16-bit Processor with Interrupt Handling Support, 2006 (in Serbian), (pdf), (ppt)
  • B. Nastasijevic, DMA Controller, 2006 (in Serbian), (pdf), (ppt)
  • S. Ljubenov, A. Dinic, N. Djordjevic, D. Stamenkovic, 3-Address 16-bits Processor with Microprogram Control, 2006 (in Serbian), (pdf), (zip - 4 ppts)
  • S. Vujasevic, Hamming Coder/Decoder, 2006 (in Serbian), (doc), (ppt)
  • P. Veselic, Data Converters, 2006 (in Serbian), (doc), (ppt)
  • B. Dzombic, VHDL Description of JASP Processor, 2006 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • D. Nikolic, Baugh-Wooley Array Multiplier, 2006 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • D. Vesic, V. Mitov, P. Jakovljevic, V. Bozic, D. Milenovic, AddressSim, 2006(in Serbian), (doc), (ppt), (exe)
  • D. Micic, M. Dragicevic, Universal Synchronous/Adynchronous Receiver/Transmitter INTEL 8251, 2006 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • V. Spasic, V. Ilic, Watchdog Processor, 2006 (in Serbian), (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • M. Petrovic, MIPS Architecture Pseudo-Instructions, 2006 (in Serbian) (pdf), (doc), (ppt)
  • D. Miletic, R. Radojkovic, V. Gavrilov, N. Savic, PIA-8255 to APB Connecting Interface Design, (pdf), (ppt)
  • A.Eftimov, D. Zivkovic, Intel 8255 - A Programmable Peripheral Interface, 2006 (in Serbian), (pdf), (ppt), (vhdl zip)
  • B. Stankovic, N. Milosevic, I. Ristic, M. Potic, High-Speed Adders, 2005 (in Serbian), (pdf), (ppt)
  • G. Djordjevic, Dual-Port RAM, 2005 (in Serbian), (pdf)
  • V. Mitic, Multiply - Accumulate Circuits, 2005 (in Serbian), (pdf), (ppt)
  • A. Blagojevic, Bit Serial Multiplier for Unsigned Numbers, 2005 (in Serbian), (pdf), (ppt)
  • V. Petrovic, VHDL FSM Synthesis, 2005 (in Serbian), (pdf), (ppt)
  • I. Markovic, V. Mijatovic, B. Milic, D. Bogdanovic, M. Urakovic, Electronic Knowledge Testing, 2005 (in Serbian), (pdf), (ppt)
  • M. Ilic, N. Pejcic, A. Stojadinovic, B. Janicijevic, Simple CPU Simulator - simCPU, 2005 (in Serbian), (pdf), (ppt),
  • V. Kostadinovic, M. Vasovic, M. Mancic, D. Milosevic, A. Jovanetic, DP32 Cpu core, 2005 (in Serbian), (pdf), (ppt)
  • D. Ilic, S. Marinovic, M. Lazic, Intel 8253 Programmable Interval Timer, 2005 (in Serbian), (pdf), (ppt 11.3 MB)
  • M. Dukic, I. Cirkovic, VHDL Synthesis of 8-bit ALU and 8x6 Ripple-Carry Multiplier, 2004 (in Serbian), (pdf), (ppt)
  • D. Filipovic, G. Ristic, VHDL Synthesis of Boundary-Scan Test Logic for 8-bit ALU and 8x6 Ripple-Carry Multiplier, 2004 (in Serbian), (pdf), (ppt)

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