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Seminar talks on Wireless Sensor Networks will be held from 11/07 - 14/07 starting at 10am each.
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Wireless Sensor Networks



Advancements in low-power electronic devices integrated with wireless communication capabilities and sensors have enabled occurrence of a new class of sensor networks, that are massive in their scope and suitable for a wide range applications. Wireless sensor network (WSN) is typically formed by deploying a large number of power-autonomous sensor nodes in an ad hoc manner. These nodes could sense a variety of physical properties, including temperature, acoustics, light, and pollution. Each node supervises its local environment, process and memorizes gathered data locally, and delivers collected data to neighboring nodes, via short range radio communication, so that they could use and/or transfer them farther. Base stations are responsible for sending queries to and collecting data from the sensor nodes. WSNs can be developed at a relatively low-cost and can be deployed in a variety of different settings.


Potential applications include environmental monitoring, health care monitoring, modern highway, modern manufacturing, maintenance of complex systems, and so forth.


Essential characteristics of WSN such as: energy constraints, irregular configurations, time-varying topology, large scale and changing applications present numerious challenges for researchers in the field of networked embedded systems. Radical new approaches are needed for creation of: methodologies for distributed processing, message-routing protocols, network-level protocols, information storage and management, internetworking, and new applications.

What are our goals

Our aims,in this project, are oriented towards comprehensive understanding of how to systematically design, run, and manage WSN systems. We are focused on defining new engineering solutions related to: (1) realization of simulation and emulation tools and instrumented test-beds for systematic design and deployment of WSN systems (2) design of micro-consumption sensor node based on embedded processor/SoC design, (3) development of energy-efficient MAC protocols, (4) implementation of an energy aware routing protocol, (5) development of methods for distributed information management and storage, and (6) Vertical system integration throughout all protocol layers including hardware. A special attention during the research will be devoted to hardware and software design and development of battery driven sensor node with very low energy consumption co-designed with the corresponding software and protocol layers. The project results should enable modernization of existing and development of new systems for supervision and control of complex .

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