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Reconfigurable Embedded Systems



In the last decade, the field of embedded system usage was enormously developed and includes the realization of the wide range of products starting from those which are applicated in telecomunications, autmotive industry, electro-medicine, army, wireless sensor networks, wide area of consumption... Having in mind wide spectrum of applications and big trade, the main efforts of engineers, today, are directed toward superior performance embedded products, small dimensions and micro-disipation. Increased pression to reduce the price, to shorten the time of product production, with significant performance improving, present a big challenge to the embedded systems project team and they have to deal with them until the end. Because of their potential to improve significantly the possibilities and performances of wide range of applications, reconfigurable embedded systems are at the focus of interest of many researchers and engineers, today. Their main characteristic is to do calculations in the hardware what makes conditions for increasing system performances, with constant tendention to maintain the flexibility and universality of the software solutions.


The efforts that researchers will make during the project realisation will be directed toward successfull problem solving in the next 3 fields:

1. Projecting and realisation of the quick and effective networks and wrappers for the purposes of communication between compounding blocks of the reconfigurable systems as inside FPGA/SoC design so and on the level of chips located on the printed circuits boards.

2. Projecting and realisation of the algorithms and communicating protocols for self-configuration and self-organizing of the distributed, wirelessly connected embedded systems.

3. Projecting and realisation of the reconfigurable secure embedded systems.


What are our goals

- Laboratory models developing and products from the embedded systems class based on VLSI components technology which are characterised by reconfigurability like FPGA circuits.

- Substitution of the older solutions with the newer ones.

- Quick modification of the existing solutions in order to implement new functions which are demanded by the trade with relatively low cost, thanks to implementation and reconfigurability.

- Reduction of the embedded system import dedicated to implementation in the appliances for specific use, wireless computer networks, systems for controlling and surveillance.

- Rising the technology level of the managing in the systems with the distributed processing.

- Rising the competitive ability of the domestic products.

- Rising the level of knowledge of the domestic researchers in the field of embedded systems projection.

- Individual researching results presentation which have positive echo in the world.

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