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Microprocessor systems
- The Collection of Tests

Mile Stojcev,
Tatjana Stankovic

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Authors Prof.dr Mile Stojcev, University of Nis
Assist. Tatjana Stankovic, University of Nis
Title Microprocessor systems- The Collection of Tests
Publisher Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Nis
Year 2003
ISBN 86-80135-78-X
COBISS-ID 109122060
Reviewers Prof. dr Emina Milovanovic, University of Nis
Prof. dr Goran Djordjevic, University of Nis
Pages VII+371
Language Serbian
Type Text-Book
Categorization Microprocessors/Exercises
Abstract This book contains a set of tasks and theoretical questions that are useful for students in a phase of preparing the final exam of the course Microprocessor systems. The topics of pipeline processor design, memory hierarchy, input/output organization and assembly programming are in the focus of interest. From structural point of view, the presented material in this book is divided into 4 chapters.
From the review

In Chapter 1 (pp. 1-152) entitled as Problems from the written part of the exam examples and solutions of numerous written part of exams, taken during the period from January 1999 to June 2003, are presented. In total solutions for 160 different problems are given.
Chapter 2 (pp. 153-232) entitled Selected problems addresses a selection of typical problems related to the areas of assembly programming, RISC processor design, pipeline processing, superscalar processing, WLIV machine design, Instruction Level Parallelism, and cache memory organization.
In Chapter 3 (pp. 233-246) entitled as Questions from oral part of the exam 16 sets of selected questions are presented. Each set consists of 10 questions from different teaching subjects.
Chapter 4 (pp. 247-367) entitled as Selected tests questions in totally includes 555 different test questions. The questions, are pond-rated into three group. The first group characterize short and clear answer, to the second group more complicated questions are appended, while questions from the third group are intended for graduate students.





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